The Winter of my discontent

December 23, 2008

Contention one is the status quo/harms.

Since my mother got cancer a couple of years ago, I’ve been puttering around.  I’ve lacked the funds to continue my education, and as such, I’ve had to take work that is, I daresay, below what people expect of me.  There is not a problem with working , and I’ve no shame in having a job, but I do feel ashamed, and rather embarrassed at disappointing people who have expectations of me that I am not meeting.

It is time to take responsibility and stop delaying moving forward.  Law school at this juncture is not a practical option.  It is much too expensive, and the constraints involved (time, inability to work and go to school) make it impractical.

Hence I present the following plan:

Plan Plank 1:  Investigate the possibility of enrolling at MCC to get a certification as a paralegal.  (already been done)

Plank 2:  Enroll in said program as soon as possible

Plank 3:  Complete program, get certified as a paralegal

Solvency:  Getting certified as a paralegal is an important step in getting employed as a paralegal assisting lawyers in doing what they do.  It also pays much better than my current job which would enable me to set aside money for possible return to Law School in the future.  It’s also an important step in fulfilling some of the expectations that people have of me.