Late night Meditation XVII reflections with a dash of angst

Having difficulty sleeping, with a lack of people to talk to online, hence, I am blogging.  This week an acquaintance from a previous life passed away.  Her name was Deb Daly, and she worked at Ralston High School as a paraprofessional.  The things I remember most about Deb were her warm smile and her cheerful personality.  She was a kind person, and her death diminishes us all.

The other thing that is probably keeping me from getting any sleep is a phone call I received today.  It was my aunt inviting me to thanksgiving at her house with my fathers side of the family.  This wouldn’t be a problem for most people, except that the last time I saw this group of people, I was informed by them that they decided to terminate my grandfathers life support without informing me beforehand.  Apparently their lack of consideration only covers important issues, like life or death.

So, question and answer time.  Ask a question in the comments, and perhaps I will answer it.


One Response to Late night Meditation XVII reflections with a dash of angst

  1. Phil says:

    I think more people should be online in the middle of the night so we can talk to them. Clearly we should be a bigger priority than their sleep. Bastards

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