July 10, 2008

Some people aren’t worth my efforts anymore.


The minor annoyances, and some more than minor ones

July 2, 2008

Venting is healthy.

If it’s important enough to call me, it’s important enough to take 30 seconds and leave a voicemail.  If it’s not important enough to call me and leave a voicemail, a text will suffice.  The worst of all possible worlds is calling, not leaving a message, then having me call you to see what you wanted, only to not have you pick up the phone, end up leaving a voice mail that goes “You called, I have no idea what you wanted, so I’m calling you to tell you that.” or words to that effect, and naturally not have the call returned.

I wish from time to time that I had it in me to treat people worse than they treat me.   For an example of that  see my last post on here.  She apologized for it, a few weeks after the fact.  A part of me was tempted to simply reject the apology out of hand, and maybe do a little more damage where there had been quite a bit done by the series of unfortunate events that had turned her world upside down.

But I didn’t.  I couldn’t very well do that, and look myself in the mirror the next morning, though apparently that’s not a problem for people generally speaking.

Also, if you’re going to invite someone to an outing, and then tell me that it’s a family thing, know that I will find out.

On a happy note, one of the few people who probably treats me better than I treat them will be in Omaha today for the weekend.  This is the best of all possible worlds, so I might as well enjoy myself.