June 8, 2008

So, the past couple of weeks have been a bit interesting in my circle of friends.  It all began when a friend of mine broke up with another friend of mine who he was in a Long term relationship with.  Soon afterwords, he started dating another friend of mine.
Naturally, this incident elicited a fair deal of sympathy for the aggrieved party, and fairly so.  It has also led to a fairly pronounced split in the group of individuals who I associate with.  All throughout, I have tried to be a fairly neutral party in the matter.

All that said, I can’t ever really say that I was that close to the aggrieved party.  When she was in the relationship with him, I can’t ever really remember a time where we interacted.  For that matter, we probably had a handful of conversations in the year and a half (roughly) that they were together.  When we did interact, she was always rather haughty, and didn’t really seem to like me very much.

Naturally, now that they have broken up, we are talking more than ever.  Of course, its mainly negative stuff about how horrible they are, and how miserable she is, etc, etc.  All of which is perfectly desirable conversational material day in and day out.  Now that I had assumed the role of shoulder to cry on/ ear to listen to, one would expect the dynamic of our public interactions to change.   Nope.   Today, while downtown with some of my friends, she’s engaged in a conversation with another friend, when all of a sudden, she whirls around and says “YES I’M TALKING ABOUT JON” to me in a rather terse tone.  When I had done nothing, had not even tried to enter the conversation.  I suppose that’s gratitude?