Dissembling statements

May 25, 2008

This weekend my nephew graduated from High school.  This occasion caused me to have to spend time with some of my relatives and their friends.  

Here’s some beauts from last night.

“I’m not racist or anything, but the idea of a black president scares me.”-My cousin Melissa

“Mark, we want you to come to Jesus because we worry that you won’t be in heaven with us.”

“Scientists all over the world are quaking in their boots because the Darwinian theory of evolution has been disproved.”




I kind of miss my old job

May 22, 2008

Yeah, I know.  Kind of weird isn’t it.  But really, I sort of do.  I never lacked for something to do there.  Whereas, at my current job, I spaz out in front of my computer screen for most of the day, communicating monosyllabically with my coworkers.  Life is very dull right now.