Work blogging, random bus experiences

The really good looking girl who works at the subway right up the street from the bank and who drops in from time to time to make change puts a spring in my step that probably shouldn’t be there.

Yesterday, while on the bus, I had an opportunity to do a good deed by letting a guy use my phone.  That seems to be the primary use of my phone.  Shrug.

Last week, while waiting for the bus after a long day and finishing up some errands downtown, I got to listen to a harangue (I like that term) from a nutter who was waiting for the bus for 45 minutes.  While it was cold out, it wasn’t unbearably so, and I got to hear all about how this was mild relative to places like Chicago, and North Dakota.  I showed my interest in the conversation by not looking at him and staring up at the First National Building.  This drew his ire and I got chewed out about how this was a free country.  I told him that yes, it was, and that included my freedom not to listen.  I don’t think he understood the concept of negative freedom.  HE then called me a supercilious gentleman.  You damn right I am.


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