Picking at a scab that won’t heal.

It can be a lot of fun. It allows for one to have a temporary distraction from tasks at hand, and also causes a little bit of pain, which heightens your senses. However, picking at a scab also prevents the wound from healing over.

For the past couple of months, I have been picking at such a scab in my personal life. Delightful irritation has turned into annoyance and I just want the festering sore to go away.

It all began in July when I met Ali. Unfortunately our burgeoning relationship was quashed by the long term arrival of his mother to Omaha. For whatever reason the only manner of communication we had was either email, or texting, both of which really lack in a lot of categories. The delightful irritation of receiving a text at a random time at night soon became a reminder that I wasn’t able to see a person who I had developed some feelings for.

Tonight, I just opted to get out the hot iron and cauterize the sore.


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