He took my job!

So, today, whilst training at the Saddle Creek branch, my VP came down to talk. Specifically to me.

A little backstory is in order. There are two of us training right now for two positions at two different branches. The other guy who’s training happens to be hispanic. He was training for the job out on 74th and Pacific. I was training for the job at the main branch.

Anyhoo, my VP and I talked small talk for a couple of minutes, and then he explained to me that the main branch has more of a need for a bilingual teller. My immediate rejoinder was “Hey, my resume shows that I can speak Spanish.”

My VP immediately grimaced, acknowledging the blow. “But you’re not Hispanic.” MMMMM.

“We’re kind of worried about the EEOC jumping on us, so we try to have a minority at each branch.”

In other words, because I’m a white male, I now have to get up probably a half hour earlier to get to work each morning. That’s great. In all seriousness, I thought this nonsense was hyperbole.


2 Responses to He took my job!

  1. Nat says:

    My friend Graham (a white male who lives in NM) often actually felt disadvantaged due to his race and economic situation. He said that, although he loves NM, he often felt that even as a child the culture was trying to be “forced on him, or else he better get the hell out.” Your story reminded me of that.

    BTW- I was by the Dean of admissions at our dental school that because I was female, hispanic, and from the southwest, I basically fit so many minority roles that as long as I kept ‘decent’ grades and did ‘ok’ on the DAT, a spot would be there for me since I went to undergrad there. That rubbed me the wrong way, so does this situation with you.

    That’s my two cents.

  2. Phil says:

    haha. Sucky. You should threaten to sue.

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