The man who would be Senator

So, tonight, as I’m wrapping up for the evening, a guy comes in. He’s dressed relatively nicely, but proceeds to sunder his credit there by acting like a doofus until the clerk who replaces me comes in. How so, you ask? For the holiday season, we are selling assorted santa hats. He proceeds to try on each hat, and say “HO HO HO!”. Imagine that done about 10 times, and you get the idea.

The night clerk, a delightful lady, comes in. Our doofus proceeds to remove a piece of paper from a manila folder he was carrying. This piece of paper was a notary acknowledging that he had filed to run for Legislative district 9, which all of you know is Gwen Howard’s district. My initial response was “Gwen Howard’s gonna steamroll you.” His response was the shshing gesture. The night clerk asked the basic question required of all politicians, “What qualifies you to run for office?”

The man who would be senator responded with gusto. According to him, he has two college degrees, and 793 credit hours. Not only that, he tested out of high school and went straight to college at 14 (he’s 22 now, for the record).


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